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Third Eye Graphic Solutions

Third Eye Graphic Solutions

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Project Starts: $750
Hourly Rate: $75
South Bend, Indiana - Unites States
Third Eye Graphic Solutions
Third Eye Graphic Solutions
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We are a 5 star rated, boutique-style design/development shop focusing on creating One-of-a-Kind web stores as unique as their store owners. From the mom-and-pop to the seasoned veteran, we have development packages to fit any need/budget. 

Specializing in custom design/development and Platform-to-Platform Crossovers, our team can build or transfer your webstore with ease. Are you a agency/designer with a design but need a custom theme coded? Contact us today for a custom quote per the needs of your project. Additional services include - Add-On Functionality, Data Migration, 3rd Party Integration Assistance, SEO/SMM/PPC, Logos/Web Graphics, Print Media, etc.

  • Specializing in Custom E-Commerce Design and Development
  • Also Offering Marketing and SEO Services
  • One-On-One Customer Support and Training
  • 10 Plus Years of Experience and 100's of Clients Under Our Belts
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