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Hourly Rate: $95
United States - 760-253-9593
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We’re the Shift4Shop experts to call for professional HTML5 mobile-friendly responsive Shift4Shop store theme design or redesign, or responsive design improvements. Call us for AMP compliance, SEO setup, Robots.txt issue resolution, custom development, Shift4Shop support, automations, marketing services and merchant account integration. Our visual branding and store design packages give you a professional look to increase your sales. Our unique, functional designs and integrations enhance and improve customer experience, increase conversions, and boost SEO.

• We’re Shift4Shop Platinum Development Partners with eleven years of Shift4Shop development expertise. 
• Expert Shift4Shop Redesign – get more sales with our mobile-friendly custom Shift4Shop re-design. 
• We specialize in HTML5 Responsive Google Mobile Friendly design. 
• Fast-Track Merchant Account Application and Approval Process, including high-risk businesses. 
• Google Accelerated Mobile Page compliance optimization. 
• Responsive design troubleshooting, breakpoint-specific and device-specific design upgrades. 
• Get help now with our Shift4Shop Support - get answers you can’t find in the Shift4Shop Knowledgebase. 
• We fix shopping cart abandonment, broken sales funnels and broken Shift4Shop themes. 
• Improve sales and conversions with our custom-designed landing pages, custom store navigation, video pages, category pages, product sliders, Shift4Shop login forms, product pages and checkout pages. 
• Professional identity design and visual branding to establish and promote your brand on social media, print and online marketing materials. 
• Online Marketing and Email Marketing Campaigns to drive sales to your Shift4Shop store. 
• We fine-tune your Shift4Shop store for optimal performance with content updates and code upgrades. 
• Shift4Shop apps and third-party software integration to improve your social network and email marketing, tax management, fulfillment, order management and customer retention. 
• Get up to speed with our Shift4Shop training, get time-saving tips for managing your Shift4Shop store more effectively.