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Bionic Egg

Bionic Egg

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Project starts: $3,000
Hourly Rate: $80
United States
Bionic Egg
Bionic Egg
About Expert

MARK JOHNSON’s first exposure to web design started as the Art Director for a groundbreaking digital media project at BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS in collaboration with MTV.COM. As he got deeper into the project and the world of web design, he started working more with the aspects of the site and started redesigning it to give the users a more fluid experience. As the project began its launch and wrapping up, MARK started as a consultant to other sites. He began by suggesting and implementing redesigns of pages he felt looked too busy, were difficult to navigate, or had too much informational clutter that did not add value to the product or services the site was supposed to represent.

MARK wanted to launch his own branding/web design business, he understands that a good designer is very hard to find, and wanted to create a new kind of aesthetic for web design. He started first working mostly with fashion & photography clients, soon after expanding to the worlds of Public Relations, Hospitality, Beauty, Music, Film and E-Commerce clients. MARK had always thought of his sites as organic digital organisms that were growing and evolving as a collaboration of client and creator. In August 2001, Bionic Egg was born.

Over a decade later, Bionic Egg is still evolving. In the internet and branding game, 12 years is a long time in the web business and MARK prides himself on recognizing where we’ve been within the digital space and has a unique outlook on where we’re going.